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Determine the four factors that affect the merits of low-light solar 4G surveillance cameras

Oct 12, 2017

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The first is the lens used


As an important part of the low-light solar 4g security camera, the lens function is to focus the subject's light on the solar 4g security camera's camera, making the image normal. The lens can be taken into the light directly determine the CCD or CMOS sensor imaging clarity. So the lens to measure the number of light intake conditions, we call the amount of light into the F value, the amount of light into the lens with F value (aperture) applications that. F value = f (focal distance) / D (effective aperture of the lens), it is inversely proportional to the caliber, and the focal distance is proportional. In the same focal length conditions, the larger the lens diameter, F value is smaller, the greater the amount of lens into the light. Common lens F value of 1.2,1.4, of course, there are large to F1.0 lens, but after all, is a minority. So in order to make low-light camera to obtain superior low-light effect, with the appropriate F-value lens has become the key factor.


Followed by CCD / CMOSSensor photosensitive components


Currently low-light camera CCD / CMOS commonly used several suppliers, namely SONYSHARP and Aptina, Omnovision, LG, etc., in these CCD / CMOS suppliers, SONY CCD sense of brightness is relatively good, commonly used SONYCCD low Illumination technology for the SuperHADCCD; later there are super-brightness ExviewCCD, ExviewCCD sensitivity of the sensor is usually more than 5 times the SuperHADCCD. And CMOS in the pixel power and improve the way to improve, SONY and APTINA and OMNIVISION have a lot of large size and high sensitivity 1000mV Sensor introduced to meet the needs of low-light solar lte security camera.


In addition, the size of CCDC / MOS components also have a great impact on the brightness, the larger the size, the better the brightness. In order to make low-light cameras have lower illumination requirements indicators, usually manufacturers will use 1 / 1.8, 1/2 inch CCD / CMOSsensor more. In the component manufacturer's specifications also have data to show 1/3 inch CCD light into the light about only about 1/2 inch size 56% of the CCD only; and 1/4 inch CCD light only 1/3 inch 44% of the CCD. So that can confirm the size of the photosensitive component is also a small impact on the snake film one of the key factors.


Image DSP processor components


Low-light solar 4g security camera technology to the present, not only in the lens hardware technology and photographic components of the R & D improved, the camera DSP image processor part of some technology is related to low-light camera image performance, these image processing technology is like DSS low-speed electronic shutter, that is, frame accumulation technology and color to black and white part of the signal, but usually the camera manufacturers in this part of the effort to low-speed electronic shutter image processing technology applications more, which is low impact camera The effect of another small critical factor.


The last factor is color turn black and white technology


In general, the light sensitivity of a simple black and white camera will be much higher than the sensitivity of a color camera, because in black and white camera DSP image processing only need to deal with black and white, so now the camera manufacturers in the manufacture of most of the low-light camera Are the color of the black and white to the majority of the function, that is, during the day for the color image, to the night through the DSP image processor to convert the image into black and white images, to get a lower night vision illumination. This is the general color to black and white process is through the CCD / CMOS collection of light after the conversion of the charge (current) strength to control the small degree of image switching, when the current size reaches a certain threshold will automatically switch to black and white images, Do not let the camera in the current threshold on the edge of the repeated repeated switch camera color, usually in the circuit will do a time delay processing circuit to control the camera's color black and white switch.

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