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Detailed Onvif

Sep 26, 2017

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Detailed Onvif



ONVIF is committed to the adoption of global open interface standards to promote the application of network video in the security market, this interface standard will ensure that different manufacturers of network video products are interoperable. In November 2008, the forum officially released the ONVIF first edition specification - ONVIF core specification 1.0. With the network monitoring of video applications, the division of the industrial chain will be more and more fine. Some manufacturers do the camera, some manufacturers do DVS, some manufacturers may be dedicated to the platform, and then through the integrator to integrate, to the final customer. This industry cooperation model, has been pressing the industry to provide more and more standardized interface platform.


To this end, in May 2008, by the Bosch Bosch and Sony Corporation announced that they will work together to set up an international open network video product standard network interface development forum, named ONVIF (Open Network Video Interface Forum, open network Video interface forum), and open and open the principle of common development of open industry standards.


The ONVIF standard defines common protocols for information exchange between network video devices, including device search, real-time video, audio, metadata, and control information. The variety of possibilities that network video products can offer, enabling end users, integrators, consultants, and manufacturers to easily benefit from cost-effective, more flexible solutions, opportunities for market expansion, and lower risks of.


It is understood that there are some enterprises and telecom operators have developed with the relevant industry norms, there are some enterprise alliance put forward some interoperability of enterprise standards. ONVIF is for the world, the starting point is to develop a fully open standard. The main goal of this standard is to promote the integration of different brands of network video equipment to help manufacturers, software developers and independent software vendors to ensure that the product interoperability, is suitable for enterprise-class market.

From ONVIF official website can be understood from the end of last year has been officially recruited members. At the same time to meet a variety of different levels of participation, ONVIF also provides different levels of membership, you can choose advanced, intermediate or user membership level. The forum has nearly 40 members. Among them, the senior members of 12, in addition to three companies, Panasonic, Samsung, Cisco, Siemens, TI and other well-known brands among them, and the domestic Hikvision, Zhejiang Dahua, wave of science and technology and good letter Jie is also Senior member of the ONVIF forum.


The implementation of the standard process is also an important means of purifying the market, is conducive to the integration of security market resources, reduce the number of repeated development of labor, and unnecessary human, material and time consumption, improve product reliability. Greater interoperability and compatibility is conducive to the collective upgrading of the industry, and ultimately bring greater benefits to consumers. I believe that a unified open standard platform will greatly promote the healthy development of security monitoring industry.


Normative role


The ONVIF specification describes the network video model, interface, data type, and data interaction mode. And reuse some of the existing standards, such as WS series standards. The goal of the ONVIF specification is to implement a network video framework protocol that enables fully interoperable network video products (including video front-end, video equipment, etc.) produced by different vendors.


The interfaces defined in the Device Management and Control section of the ONVIF specification are provided in the form of Web Services. The ONVIF specification covers complete XML and WSDL definitions. Each terminal device that supports the ONVIF specification shall provide a Web Service corresponding to the functionality. The server interacts with the client using the SOAP protocol. Other parts of the ONVIF, such as audio and video streams, are performed via RTP / RTSP.



Regulate the advantages


Synergy: products provided by different manufacturers, can be through a unified "language" to communicate. To facilitate the integration of the system.

Flexibility: End users and integrated users do not need to be bound by the inherent solutions of certain devices. Greatly reducing the development costs.

Quality Assurance: The ever-expanding specification will be guided by the market, followed the specification while meeting the needs of mainstream users.

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