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Common mistaks in building solar power systems

Jul 21, 2018

Now, as an important alternative new energy, solar is gainning more and more attention and application. While, when you make up your mind to build a solar PV system for your home, a lot of aspects need to be considered before action. Actually it is a technical process. And on the way you go, you would make mistakes if you are not well prepared. 

Hereby we'd like to specify the most popular mistakes ordinary consumers would like to make when they are building their off-grid solar power systems.

1. Bite low price bait and take a deal too good to be true.

There are some extreme cases. You search hard on the market and finally you find a big supplier who offers you very attractive and unbelivable prices and aftersale service. You even go to their factory for inspection. While, you do not know, the boss is a real speculator. He has abundant sources including fundings, when he sees the opportunity of big profit, he would invest all in, after 2-3 years, when damage and problem of his products occur frequently, meanwhile, development of the industry is in fierce competition, he will quit quickly and left the rented factory. Then he will look for another chance for him make repeat the "success"

Please remember "There is such thing as free lunch". Know what you’re buying, get some pictures beforehand would save you a lot of time and energy during operation.

2. Not really know what appliances will be connected as load. 

Before action, you'd better make a plan for the loading. Which existing appliances will be connected to the power system, what possbile coming devices will be added to. 

3. Can not rightly sum up the total power consumption of various devices in the house

Most appliances and electronic devices in your home came with information from the manufacturer that gives you an estimate of power consumption. If the information is not available, try on internet with same brand and power. 

For some particular appliances, which are called inductive loads, such as air conditioners, heaters, blow-dryers, microwaves, stoves, refrigerators, you need to calculate 3-5 times of it's nominated power as real power consumption to enable your system working smoothly. 

4. Not fully realized the difference between effective sun hours and daylight hours. 

The Sun hour is a specific unit of measurement that we use in solar industry to define a period of time in the day when we get power yield quals to rated power generation at standard conditions.

In summer, everything's going to be great and solar panels works awesome. However, even in the the middle of summer – in July, the Sun may rise at 6:00am and down at 9:00pm, but you're only getting 7 hours of effective irradiation for solar panels, and it's the maximum capacity you can harvest. 

5. Poor installation and maintenance.

On this point, there are three aspections we need to pay special attention to. 

a, Make sure direction of your solar panel can get the most irradation yearly if it will be fixed. Orientation of the panel decides if you can get enough power as designed. If you are not familiar with such technologies, you'd beeter turn to professionals for help. 

b, Make sure no shadow will be shed on surface of the panel. For installation, the most common problem are pole shadow on panel surface or leaves shadow. 

c, Surface of solar planel should be cleaned regularly. Once it is coverd even with dust, yield would decreased significantly. Not to say the possible fire and damage due to "Hot Spot" effect. 

6. Have unrealistic or unreasonable expection from the system

It's very important to know limitations of solar power before you design the system. It's very tempting to get a scale down solar power system with affordable prices and you have great vision of doing lots of stuff with this system. While, have you ever doubt, how can a 100 watt kit that you bought to power a 600-watt refrigerator 24/7? Necessary knowledge for such technology would be a solid basis for good performance systems. 

solar LTE bullet camera.jpg

All above points and principles apply to solar panel security camera as well. Even your supplier is big manufacturer of all kinds of camera, if they know little or even nothing about solar, their wireless remote surveillance camera systems are not reliable. Do you agree?

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