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Classification and Installation of Infrared Camera

Sep 28, 2017

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Classification and Installation of Infrared Camera

Infrared Camera Technology Classification


Infrared technology in 1800 by the British astronomer Herschel found, more and more scientists are studying how to apply in various occasions, including active infrared camera technology in the application of security monitoring after nearly 20 years of rapid Development technology are more mature. Infrared cameras in the lightning development and growth at the same time, product types are constantly diversified, the application areas are further expanded. To sum up the following types:


First, has been eliminated Halogen infrared camera: halogen light power is very powerful, of course, power consumption and heat will be relatively large, relatively high cost, its fatal drawback is bulky, heat is not sufficient, life is very short , Generally within a thousand hours, and red storm is particularly serious, it is not suitable for civilian night vision monitoring. Halogen infrared camera due to power and filter heat and heat conversion, so the heat problem is particularly serious, high maintenance costs, short life.


Second, LED infrared camera: LED infrared light is composed of a certain number of infrared light-emitting diodes. Infrared emission diode from the infrared radiation efficiency of the material (commonly used gallium arsenide GaAs) made PN junction, plus forward bias voltage to the PN junction injection current excitation infrared light, spectral power distribution for the central wavelength of 830 ~ 950nm, half-peak bandwidth About 40nm or so, it is narrowband distribution, for the CCD camera can feel the range. LED infrared camera is generally suitable for 10 to 100 meters short


Third, the LED array infrared camera: array of infrared light for the LED array array (LEDArray), compared with the traditional LED has the following advantages: 1, high brightness, single LEDArray output of about 1W ~ 30W, brightness about Is the output of conventional single LED 5 ~ 15mW several times, so far from the distance; 2, high efficiency of electro-optical conversion, ordinary infrared LED electro-optical conversion efficiency of only about 10%, while LEDArray electro-optical conversion efficiency increased to 25% Left and right; 3, small size, LEDArray technology will be a high degree of integration of light-emitting units in the same brightness indicators than ordinary LED infrared lamp product size much smaller; 4, long life, LEDArray life of 50,000h, much higher than ordinary LED life The Array of infrared light products have a clear lack of "eccentricity." Because of its luminous angle can reach 120-180 degrees, it must be through the lens to narrow the angle of light to match the camera lens, so inevitably a lot of light away from the center of the lens, resulting in poor delivery efficiency. LED array infrared camera with the basic scope and LED infrared camera, more suitable for the hall, warehouse and other indoor and building peripherals, community perimeter, roads and other short-range monitoring applications.


Fifth, the laser infrared camera: laser infrared camera irradiation distance farthest up to 300 ~ 5000 meters, due to energy concentration, the angle of small distance should not be used, the current cost is still high. It is suitable for the monitoring of forest fire prevention, oilfield, railway, water conservancy, scenic spot, military, breeding, port and safe market. With the further reduction of cost, it has been applied to many areas including night vision monitoring including community The Thus, the infrared camera needs to determine the type of camera according to the specific use environment, especially the night environment.


Infrared camera definition


Infrared integrated camera is the camera, protective cover, infrared light, power supply unit, such as integrated into one of the camera equipment. It is the basic principle of night vision is to use ordinary CCD black and white camera can feel the spectral characteristics of infrared light (that can feel the visible light, you can also feel the infrared light), with the infrared light as a "lighting source" to night vision imaging. Infrared lamp power and angle, the camera configuration, a certain focal length of the infrared camera, and whether there is a good power supply heat treatment is to determine the performance of infrared integrated camera important parameters.


There are many products on the market is the camera and infrared projector separately, which requires users of the infrared light and the performance of the camera have enough understanding, according to the infrared light angle, camera lens parameters for a reasonable match.


Infrared night vision monitoring images to black and white, although can not distinguish the color, through the infrared reflection imaging.


4. Infrared light installation height should not exceed 4 meters, too high will affect the light reflectivity. The angle should be from the top down angle of 20 degrees is better, elevation angle is too large reflectivity reduction.


5. Must protect the infrared lamp work indicators (see product manual), such as infrared light power supply power must be higher than the infrared lamp itself, the operating power.


6. Users use infrared light first of all to carefully read the instructions, especially in order to ensure personal safety precautions. Check whether the matching aspects described above meet the requirements, should be taken into account the factors that are taken into account, if not meet the requirements, can be adjusted in time to use the equipment.


Color problem: all the black and white cameras are infrared light. Infrared light in the visible light conditions for color cameras is a kind of stray light, will reduce the color camera resolution and color reproduction, color camera filter is to stop In order to make the color camera inductive infrared now there are two practices, first, switch the filter, in the visible light conditions to block the infrared into; in the absence of visible light conditions to remove the filter, so that infrared access, which The quality of the image obtained is good, but the cost is high and the switching mechanism will lead to a certain failure rate.Second, open a specific infrared channel on the filter to allow the same infrared light into the infrared light, Approach does not increase the cost, but the color reproduction slightly worse.


Infrared night vision in the end can do far? Technology home, 100 meters above the infrared night vision system is not difficult.Technology home, refers to the same time must be proficient in infrared light technology, infrared sensor camera technology and infrared sensor lens technology, Three products are now on the market, the distance has been done more than 500 meters, but the cost is relatively high, the civilian market is still relatively limited.

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