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Choose the top ten parameters of LCD monitor

Sep 08, 2017

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Choose the top ten parameters of LCD monitor

1, visual area


In the purchase of LCD monitor, the first consideration is the "face" size. For LCD monitors, the size of the panel is the size of the visible area, which is somewhat different from the CRT monitor. The same parameter specifications of the monitor, LCD CRT than the larger viewing area, the general 15-inch LCD is equivalent to 17-inch CRT, 17-inch LCD is equivalent to 19-inch CRT, and 19-inch LCD is equivalent to 21-inch CRT. The current LCD monitor is 3.5 inch, 5.6 inch, 7 inch, 8 inch and other car monitoring display, 10.4 inch, 12 inch, 15 inch, 17 inch, 19 inch, 20.1 inch for 4: 3 display ratio, 22 inch, , 32 inch, 37 inch, 40 inch, 42 inch, 47 inch, 52 inch, 55 inch, 65 inch, 70 inch, 82 inch, etc. for the 16: 9 display ratio.


2, panel level


LCD panel dead pixels, highlights the number of judges the pros and cons of another important criterion. Bad points are divided into bright spots, dark spots and color points, are refers to the LCD panel can not repair the physical pixels. LCD screen according to the dead pixels and color purity, viewing angle and other parameters of the distinction is divided into several levels: A + level: no bad point of the LCD screen for the A + level; A level: 3 dead pixels, which highlights no more than one, And the bright spot is not in the central area of the screen; B: 5 dead pixels below, which highlights no more than two, and the highlights are not in the central area of the screen; C level: more than three dead pixels.


3, brightness


The brightness of the LCD monitor refers to the brightness of the display screen, which is the maximum degree of brightness that the LCD monitor can achieve under the white picture, in units of Kandra per square meter (cd / m2) or nits. LCD monitor brightness is mainly determined by the brightness of its backlight, the brightness of the backlight control, that is, the brightness of the LCD monitor control.


4, contrast


The ratio of the brightest and the darkest brightness on the LCD screen is the contrast of the LCD monitor, and the high contrast means a relatively high brightness and a bright degree of color. The contrast ratio of the LCD monitor is: 500: 1,1000: 1 or higher.


5, response time


At present, the biggest selling point of LCD monitor is to improve the response time, from the beginning of the 25ms to today's gray 4ms, the speed of the people to mention amazing. The response time determines the number of frames that can be displayed per second by the monitor. Normally, when the screen displays faster than 25 frames per second, the human eye treats the rapidly changing picture as a continuous picture. In the high-speed ball operation, the screen high-speed switching / moving, to achieve the best display, you need to display the screen speed of more than 60 frames per second, the response time of 16ms or less to meet the requirements, that is, the smaller response time, The changing picture shows the effect of the more perfect.


6, color reproduction degree


The color gamut is a method of encoding a color, and also refers to the sum of the colors that a technical system can produce. Ordinary LCD color gamut value of about 72%, far from the choice of LCD screen in order to be able to show a richer color, high color gamut LCD screen, the color gamut as high as 92%. As a result, the display color is richer and improves the color depth of the LCD monitor.


7, viewing angle


Since the light of the LCD monitor is emitted through the liquid crystal near the vertical angle, we can see the screen from other angles, and it will not be as clear as the CRT monitor. Significant color distortion. This is caused by the size of the viewing angle. Specifically, the viewing angle is divided into a horizontal viewing angle and a vertical viewing angle. In the choice of LCD monitor, you should try to choose a large viewing angle of the product. The viewing angle of the LCD monitor is also called the viewing angle range, including the horizontal viewing angle and the vertical viewing angle. The horizontal viewing angle display means the vertical axis of the display, Left or right of the location of a certain angle is still able to see the normal display of the image, the angle range is the LCD monitor horizontal viewing angle; Similarly, if the horizontal axis prevail, the upper and lower viewing angle is called vertical angle. Far East LCD monitor with wide viewing angle LCD screen, up and down about the highest viewing angle of up to 89 degrees.


8, the principle of intelligent elimination of blur


The intelligent image processing function of the digital image processing chip will constantly monitor the input signal. According to the root mean square value of each frame of the input signal, it is judged whether the image is still image or dynamic image. The average brightness level of the input image and the bright and dark distribution, from which we can determine the characteristics of each frame of the input signal and different, if the input image for a period of time is still images, the system starts to eliminate the shadow engine, this The engine automatically moves the input signal according to the static or active situation of the input image so that the position of the input image displayed on the screen produces a small, rapid change, eliminating the control of the liquid crystal molecules for a long time without change This long, stationary control voltage for liquid crystal molecules is just the root cause of the residual image that causes the LCD screen to play still images for a long time. After the elimination of the shadow of the input image of the fast, small transformation, the liquid crystal molecules have a certain time to breathe the opportunity to avoid the permanent damage to the LCD screen to achieve the purpose of eliminating the blur.


9, signal support


A complete set of monitoring works, it is necessary to have a lot of equipment, more commonly used cameras, hard disk recorders, screen dividers, distributors, amplifiers, matrix, network *, multi-screen processors, etc., each different type of equipment There are different signal input and output interfaces, in order to take into account the smooth progress of the overall project, in a number of front-end equipment deployment is completed, to determine the end of the signal output, the next should be selected with the corresponding monitor, and to meet the monitoring project The need for digital LCD monitor series, with BNC / component / S-VIDEO / VGA / HDMI / DVI and other rich interface to meet the market with almost all of the front-end equipment to achieve a perfect docking.


10, machine stability


In the case of a closed-circuit monitoring system, the monitor usually needs 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for continuous uninterrupted power use (and television usually only a few hours a day), and some of the monitor application environment may be worse, Requires a higher reliability and stability of the monitor. In contrast to the TV, the current, power, temperature and resistance of the monitor, the ability and margin of electrical shock, and the average trouble-free use of the monitor are much larger than the TV, and the monitor must also be The use of fully shielded metal shell to ensure that electromagnetic compatibility and interference performance; in the selection of components, the use of components of the monitor voltage, current, temperature, humidity and other aspects of the characteristics are higher than the TV components used; In the installation, commissioning, especially components and machine aging process requirements, the monitor requirements are higher, the TV machine is usually in the production process is usually in the pipeline at room temperature 8 hours or so, and the monitor machine Aging is required in high temperature, high humidity closed environment aging line aging over 24 hours to ensure the stability of the machine. The components used by the TV are not suitable for continuous use without interruption. If you are forced to use the TV as a monitor, ranging from prone to failure, serious may be due to the TV's operating temperature is too high and cause accidents.

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