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Camera resolution

May 12, 2017

The resolution is a parameter that is used to measure the amount of data in a bitmap image, usually expressed as dpi (dot per inch, dots each inch). In short, the camera's resolution is the ability to parse images, or the pixels of the camera's image sensor. The highest resolution refers to the size of the camera's ability to distinguish the image, the highest number of pixels in the camera. Now the more 300,000 megapixel CMOS resolution is 800 × 600, the resolution of the 640x480,50 million pixels CMOS. The two digits of the resolution represent the unit of the picture in the length and width of the number, and a digital picture is usually 4:3. In practical applications, if the camera is used for network chat or video conferencing, the higher the resolution requires the greater the network bandwidth. Therefore, consumers should be aware that in this regard, according to their own needs to select a pixels suitable for their own products.

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