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4G wireless video surveillance features

Jul 19, 2017

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4G wireless video surveillance is an easy-to-use remote wireless monitoring system, is the latest 4G communication technology, for industrial, enterprise or specific industry user monitoring application needs, designed to achieve a simple installation, flexible operation, cost-effective 4G mobile video surveillance equipment.


4G wireless video surveillance, which not only provides access to the Internet through the way, more creative to provide a 4G video channel monitoring mode. In this way, you use the ordinary 4G mobile phone, install the software to monitor the APP, the camera real-time monitoring video immediately present in front, so that the monitoring becomes very simple. 4G biggest advantage is that users always online, once the police intelligence, wireless video surveillance terminal will automatically call the set of 4G mobile phone number, any situation video are panoramic view. The use of video audio channel, you can also achieve on-site monitoring, intercom features, more convenient for you to understand the situation at the scene.


Through the 4G Internet, high-definition wireless video surveillance terminal can access the Internet, through DDNS support remote Web access, Internet monitoring, and H.264 video encoding. Can be connected to the platform, centralized management. Through the 4G video channel transmission monitoring images, high security, stable 64Kbps transmission channel, the image clear and smooth.


As long as the business from the Office of the purchase of 4G SIM card can be used to open, do not rely on any ISP, end to end video transmission, privacy is guaranteed.


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