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Solar Powered Home 3G/4G Lte Surveillance Cameras Norway

Solar Powered Home 3G/4G Lte Surveillance Cameras Norway

Jaste solar 3G/4G security camera no cabling, powered by sunshine irradiation. Adopting lithium-iron phosphate battery, good consistency, long life span, long discharge time without memory effect. Suitable for remote mountainous areas, orchards, animal husbandry, construction sites, remote highways, reservoirs, parks, etc.

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solar lte securiy camera

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solar powered home 3g/4g lte surveillance cameras Norway

The simplest models of the Jaste Solar 4G security camera are designed to work as a wireless extension of professional IP surveillance solutions such as facilities that need to capture a remote entry point, this could be the house of a corporation, power plant , prison, military base or otherwise. A variety of high-power network-based radio communications options allow such Jaste Solar camera systems to operate with minimal remote equipment, at a small cost and size. The next level of Jaste includes integrated high-capacity recording through a dedicated recorder, this greatly improves the reliability of the capture and allows options such as 4G communications for totally off-site surveillance. Whether it's 4G mobile communications or point-to-point wireless communications, Jaste experts can help you decide which frequencies, wireless methods and related equipment are best. Alternative transmission methods may also be applicable, such as Fiber to Satellite for uplink metadata.

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