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Solar Powered 3G 4G Lte Security Camera Diy

Solar Powered 3G 4G Lte Security Camera Diy

Jaste solar 3G/4G security camera no cabling, powered by sunshine irradiation. Adopting lithium-iron phosphate battery, good consistency, long life span, long discharge time without memory effect. Suitable for remote mountainous areas, orchards, animal husbandry, construction sites, remote highways, reservoirs, parks, etc.

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solar 4g camera

solar lte securiy camera

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solar power system for surveillance

solar 4g camera

solar security camera

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solar powered 3g 4g lte security camera diy

Ø 1 card 4G transmission
Ø H.264 video encoding, the highest resolution of 1080P @ 30fps
Ø progressive scan SONY COMS, to capture the jagged moving images, clear and smooth
Ø Support 3D digital noise reduction, support for wide dynamic 120dB, suitable for backlighting environment
Ø Support local analog video output for easy installation and debugging
Ø Infrared light irradiation distance of 100 meters
Ø Support up to 64G Micro SD card local storage
Ø Mechanical double filter, a variety of switching modes
Ø Three streams at the same time independent coding, to meet the real-time monitoring, storage, mobile monitoring
Ø Support electronic image stabilization, electronic shutter, a variety of white balance mode
Ø Support 90 °, 270 ° rotation corridor mode, adapt to different monitoring environment
Ø Horizontal and vertical 360 ° gimbal, local analog video output, easy installation
Ø Support two-way voice, alarm input, output, PTZ control interface
Ø IP66 protection level

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