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Solar Powered 3G/4G Lte Gsm Security Camera Malaysia

Solar Powered 3G/4G Lte Gsm Security Camera Malaysia

Jaste solar 3G/4G security camera no cabling, powered by sunshine irradiation. Adopting lithium-iron phosphate battery, good consistency, long life span, long discharge time without memory effect. Suitable for remote mountainous areas, orchards, animal husbandry, construction sites, remote highways, reservoirs, parks, etc.

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solar powered 3g/4g lte gsm security camera Malaysia

Jaste Solar Power's wireless license plate capture camera systems are based on the same specialized cameras with high contrast registration in short, medium and long range applications. These specially configured surveillance cameras allow a very effective nocturnal capture of license plates by attenuating the visible light spectrum, effectively obscuring the image and using instead the IR illumination returned from the reflective plates for a clean capture of the plate. No typical camera of these units provides only the capture of the vehicle's plate and, therefore, what is often known as a general view camera is used together with cameras to capture typical or snapshots of the same scene. Camera systems scale from short distances, such as 30-40 feet, to medium speeds (40-50 mph) to high-speed and long-range models. A single-plate camera in solar systems can cover 2 lanes of traffic, but this can vary in Jaste solar systems depending on the requirement of the plate size for each different license plate recognition software, as well as the LPC camera selected Modern HD Megapixel units from Jaste offer superior performance with more than two and a half times the coverage area of traditional license plate cameras.

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