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Solar Power Siren Alarm 4G Security Camera UK

Solar Power Siren Alarm 4G Security Camera UK

Jaste solar power 4g security camera with Siren Alarm function adopting lte 4g security camera. The camera will be controlled remotely.

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There are SIM card slot built-in security camera. The camera cost less data when you don't monitroing or download video.

There are different resolution for choice when you watch monitroing videos by mobile/computer. Following is mobile data consumption of each resolutions for you reference:

1.Fluency: 800-1M/min


3.High resolution: 1.5-2.5M/min

Smat phone signal level data transmission is volatile. In practice, data consumption will be less. If you don’t watch the video, mobile data consumption will not exceed 500kb in one day.


In the surveillance camera, the shorter the focal length, the wider the surveillance field of vision, and the smaller the image in the screen. On the contrary, the longer the focal length, the narrower the surveillance field of vision, and the more clear the image in the picture. The following is a comparison of the focal length and the field of view (for reference only)

Short focal length lens: wide field of view

Long focal length lens: narrow field of vision

4mm: Wide field of vision, generally used for entrance/exit monitoring, store monitoring, office area and other large-scale monitoring

6mm: Standard vision, generally used for counters, warehouses, cashiers, entrances and exits monitoring

8mm: Moderate vision, generally used for corridors, access, cashier, plant and other standard line of sight surveillance

12mm: Medium view, generally used around the plant, walls, buildings, streets and other similar monitoring

16mm: Small range of vision, long sight distance, usually used for roads, towers, highways and other similar monitoring

25mm: Smaller range of vision, long sight distance, generally used in the wild, more than 50 meters long-range monitoring

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