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Solar Power CC Security Camera Wireless Outdoor Review Surveillance System

Three different ways for connecting 1.Connecting via 3G/4G signal In ares without wired network, as long as there is mobile phone 3G / 4G signal, insert the SIM card, you can achieve remote monitoring

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Three different ways for connecting

1.Connecting via 3G/4G signal

In ares without wired network, as long as there is mobile phone 3G / 4G signal, insert the SIM card, you can achieve remote monitoring

2.Connection via wifi

Once Camera is connected to WiFi signal emitted by wireless rou

ter, on mobile phone and tablet computer you can watch the monitoring video anywhere at any time

3.Connecting via AP hotspot in the camera

Smart phone, tablet and laptop can directly connect the AP signal transmitted by camera in a short distance(within 15 ~ 30M). you can achieve close data transmission without network and any charges.

Two access methods for surveillance

1.One portal is mobile devices

Smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices can scan the above two-dimensional code or download the CamHi APP in Android / IOS market to install

2.The other portal is computer

You can install the Hi P2P software from disk on your computer directly


Industrial grade 3G/4G module

Using integrated industrial grade 3G / 4G module,stronger signal, more stable transmissionQQ截图20170424174821.jpg

IP66 waterproof shell

Adopting high level of IP66 waterproof and anti-dust shell, to ensure that the camera can be used in harsh environments in field. Even rainstorm can hardly affect the camera. This keeps you away from worry.


High power 5db antenna

Using high-power 5db GSM and WIFI antenna, stronger signal, more stable performance, farther transmission. Good for outdoor application, can easily pass through wall barriers.


Yutong 300 Megapixel big lens

Employing Yutong 300M high resolution big lens, make images clearer and feel more natural


High quality waterproof connector

The whole system uses high quality PVC waterproof connector, which is Waterproof, anti-dust, sun-protection, flame retardant and anti-oxidation. In the event of a malfunction, there is no need to cut the cable, to break the plastic sleeve, etc., you only need to unscrew both ends of the connector. Easy for installation and maintenance.


IR-CUT filter lens

Adopting IR-CUT filter mechanism to achieve high color restoration and more realistic images. Unique ultra-thin coating lens, can solve the problem of day and night color cast, greatly enhance the night vision effect, and ensure longer service life and better performance. With IR-CUT technology, Monitoring effect is much better, and less color distortion. Improving the color purity during the day and night vision effect.


Motion detection alarm

When detect some moving objects, the camera will conduct motion detection video, and automatically store the video in TF card. Information and mail will be sent to users via APP at the first time.



2MP 3G/4G solar bullet camera with 55W solar panel and 36Ah Lithium iron phosphate battery

Solar system

Solar panel

55W High efficiency mono solar panel


36Ah Lithium iron phosphate battery



H.264 Baseline Profile

Image Sensor

1/3”3Megapixel progressive scan CMOS


4/6/8/12/16/25mm for choice



Network type


WiFi Standard

802.11b/g/n, Max 72Mbps

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