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Solar Power 5mp CCTV CCD Security IP Camera and IP Camera

At present, the development of video surveillance has entered a large network era. Video surveillance has been unable to leave the network technology which enables ultra-high-definition video monitoring

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At present, the development of video surveillance has entered a large network era. Video surveillance has been unable to leave the network technology which enables ultra-high-definition video monitoring, mass data transmission and other security applications, and can not be separated from high-bandwidth communications technology support. Investment and promotion for 4G communication technology have created a good environment for the realization of high-definition mobile video surveillance, and provide a strong guarantee for video monitoring “mobile and connection".

compared to 3G technology, 4G technology has many advantages such as faster communication, wider network spectrum, more flexible communications, higher intelligent performance, more smooth compatibility, providing a variety of value-added services, achieving higher quality multimedia communications, higher efficiency of frequency utilization, lower communication costs and so on.

Affect of 4G network technology for security industry mainly lies in the field of wireless video surveillance. Wireless mobile monitoring is a branch of network monitoring, and it makes pressure of network transmission more prominent. Arrival of 4G network enable us to apply its mobile wireless transmission advantages to the field of mobile monitoring. From the current pilot situation, 4G network speed is 10 times as high as 3G network, download speed up to 100M, and upload speed of 20M, while general 720P HD monitoring video just needs a basic bandwidth of 2M-4M. This well meets the demand for high-definition monitoring.

Considering the limitations of 3G transmission technology, Jaste solar monitoring products using 4G mobile communication technology. Our main advantages are as below,

Application range

1.When the monitored object is moving, such as bus, passenger transportation, school bus, ships, logistics, police cars, ambulances and so on, wired monitoring can not be applied, while wireless video surveillance can solve this problem perfectly

For high-voltage power lines, highways, environmental monitoring, forest fire prevention, street lamps, oil extraction, oil pipeline, flood control and other scenarios where cable network can not be accessed or wiring costs are too high, wireless monitoring is free from geographical location restrictions , and it’s cost is relatively lower than the cable monitoring method.

In the presence of flammable, explosive and other dangerous places, disease transmission areas, microbial danger areas and other environments where regulators can not get close, wireless monitoring can effectively meet the supervisory staffs’ surveillance needs and protect their health and safety

For public security investigation temporary arming, troops field training, temporary construction sites, temporary activity venues, exhibition centers and other places, which are relatively unfixed monitoring sites, temporary wiring is in a rush, waste of cost is relatively high, while, if adopt wireless monitoring, there will be no unnecessary waste

For intelligent transformer substation, reservoir and river surveillance, unattended machine room monitoring and other monitoring sites which are scattered while need unified supervision and inspection, wireless video surveillance can achieve multi-point centralized monitoring, effectively save labor costs, and improve supervision Efficiency and standard

In addition to above advantages, for the 4G network, another important requirement is stability. "It will be more stable than any previous mobile network connection

Based on mobile 4G high-speed network, Shenzhen Jaste SolarTechnology Co., Ltd. launched solar 4G mobile monitoring

4G mobile monitoring refers to that camera's real-time image being sent to the monitoring center via 4G network, and it’s easy for unified supervision and scheduling. This system mainly comprise of two parts, including the back-end server and 4G SIM card equipped front-end monitoring equipment. Images will be collected by installed front-end camera, and then will be sent back to the monitoring server or mobile terminal via the 4G wireless network. Thus supervisory staffs can manage remotely monitoring. Main functions of this system are real-time video watching, regular capture picture browsing, audio and video storage playback, action with alarm, system management and so on.

It is foreseeable that with the development of 4G network construction and 4G wireless communication technology constant improvement, 4G network will bring far-reaching impact for security industry, especially in high-definition video surveillance, data transmission, data storage, etc. Application of 4G technology will promote the high-definition network video to a new stage


1.3MP 3G/4G solar dome camera with 90W solar panel and 68Ah Lithium iron phosphate battery

Solar system

Solar panel

90W High efficiency mono solar panel


68Ah Lithium iron phosphate battery



H.264 Baseline Profile

Image Sensor

1/3” 1.3Megapixel progressive scan CMOS


4/6/8/12/16/25mm for choice



Network type


WiFi Standard

802.11b/g/n, Max 72Mbps

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