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Solar Day/Night Security Camera with Built In 4G

Solar Day/Night Security Camera with Built In 4G

Jaste Solar 4G/Lte cellular security camera adopting 4G technology and solar technology. Suit to install in no network no power area. It is wildly used in remote mountainous areas,orchards,animal husbandry,construction sites,remote highways,reservoirs,parks,etc.

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solar Day/Night security camera with built in 4g

Solar 4G / LTE IP camera systems are used more frequently when there is no option for a wireless point-to-point system or a wired broadband connection.

If you have cell phone service at the location of your project, chances are you can use 4G / LTE cellular communications to access your video system. Our high gain antenna systems maximize signal strength.

Resistant to harsh environments and extreme temperatures
Our cellular video solutions have a proven track record of resistance to the most demanding applications and the toughest elements in outdoor and industrial environments. Rugged cellular 4G / LTE routers and power supplies have a certified

operating temperature range of -22 ° F to +158 ° F.
The Solar 4G / LTE cellular camera systems are perfect for:
Remote installations and work sites
Law enforcement and first responders (rapid deployment models)
Construction sites
Scientific studies
Wildlife studies
Meteorological Observation
Marketing (live images delivered on the website)

The methods of system visualization include:
Access to the camera live from any Internet enabled device (with authorized administrator access)
Video playback of the built-in camera (SD card up to 128GB)
Playback of video stored on a local or remote network area storage device
 Cellular camera systems are sent fully tested on your cell phone account, configured for your project. Simply mount it on a pole or wall. The systems are operational within a few minutes of being turned on.

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