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Solar Camera De Surveillance 4G for Pet Baby Monitor Poland

Solar Camera De Surveillance 4G for Pet Baby Monitor Poland

Jaste Solar 4G security camera adopting high efficiency mono solar panel for power supplying. Combine with advanced 4G high speed transmission technology. Solving the monitoring problem in no power, no internet area.

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4g monitoring

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3g 4g cellular security camera

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4g cellular solar security camera

Jaste 4G lte solar security camera system is an intelligent system design, easy installation, easy maintenance. It provides a resolution of 2.0 megapixels, True Day / Night with IR night vision capabilities, bidirectional audio, Digital I / O inputs and outputs for a variety of integration and application possibilities. It is also compatible with most of the leading IP Surveillance NVR platforms in the industry. Communication is achieved using a long-range industrial wireless (LOS) line-of-sight wireless link (master and client integrated radio) that offers dual-band support, various encryption methods and wireless standards. This link provides the high-speed connection of the solar system for real-time communication between the remote surveillance site and the command center up to several miles away. The 4G Solar Jaste surveillance system is designed as a stand-alone solar-powered security camera system that includes a 10-day backup battery that includes a camera, housing, mounting equipment and weather-resistant design. Jaste Solar 4G surveillance is a flexible system that allows various configurations, customizations and options. We recommend that you contact our surveillance experts to make sure you are getting the right configuration for your solar IP security camera system.

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