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Solar 3.6mm Lens Security Camera Using 4G

Solar 3.6mm Lens Security Camera Using 4G

Jaste Solar 4G security camera adopting high efficiency mono solar panel. No cabling, powered by sunshine irradiation. Adopting long life span lithium iron phosphate battery. Built-in 4G route,monitor on anywhere anytime.

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solar 4g security camera

solar 4g bullet camera

solar 3g security camera

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Stream live video to your smartphone, just insert the SIM card and micro SD card for video storage, connect to the solar system and get instant images anywhere in the world on your mobile device.


The camera connects to the cloud to provide live video and sound through the Extend Live application on a phone or tablet, through the Internet through a computer.
The camera is completely controllable. Buy the smartphone app EXTEND LIVE wherever we have phone coverage.
Instant notification to your phone through the cloud and the phone that gives you notification to review the files that are stored in the camera on the micro SD card.
It has infrared light in the visible night at 20-60m.
It has controllable activation windows that allow the user to change the size and location of the activation areas, as well as sensitivity

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